Schluter Systems Demo Icasa USA 2020

Schluter Systems-Demo Icasa USA-2020

This DEMO, is just a brief look at what you can learn in The Innovation Workshops Part 1 of Schluter-Systems that is not more than a practical 2-day class and is the first step to know the world that will change your way of working and thinking in the tile industry.

The workshops are free to participate and are available to all industry professionals who want to know about this system. (Includes Certificate, Lodging and Meals)

FIRST: You will learn about two important fundamentals when building a bathroom, such as waterproofing and decoupling, which are the 2 main principles on which our products or systems are focused.

In Schluter-Systems The main product lines that you must understand are:

• DITRA decoupling membrane
•DITRA-HEAT electric floor heating
• KERDI-BOARD construction panels
• Schluter® shower system
• Schluter® Profiles

If you attend these Innovation Workshops Part 1 we will explain these products, We will put you to practice in the demonstration area where you will gladly install these materials with your own hands and in a very short time. They can also install complete assemblies such as the Schuter shower system, the DITRA membrane and will even build a water-resistant KERDI-BOARD wall installation.

Contact us to help you with your ONLINE registration to the program at no cost.

▶ ️ General description of Part 1

Part 1 will introduce you to the world of Schluter Systems and offer you an overview of the applications in which these products are most common. We will make a little history about the SCHLUTER company and we will go into the science that supports these technologies. As well as without hesitation, it will be explained how this product line has been designed to attack specific challenges and, finally, we will guide you while working with our products in an interactive practical workshop.

▶ ️Learn: how to avoid fissures in tiles using the Schluter®️-DITRA membrane,
how to control humidity using the Schluter KERDI membrane
and much more, while installing a Schluter’s Shower System

▶ ️ Duration: 2 days

▶ ️Content:

This class will offer participants the basic principles of the Schluter Systems company.

▶ ️Introduction to Schluter Systems Company ▶ ️Flats ▶ ️ Principle of decoupling ▶ ️ #DITRA membrane ▶ ️ # DITRA-HEAT membrane ▶ ️ Profiles ▶ ️ Practical demonstration ▶ ️ Practical training ▶ ️ Shower system installation ▶ ️ DITRA Membrane Installation ▶ ️Walls and covers ▶ ️ # KERDI-BOARD panel ▶ ️ Showers ▶ ️ Moisture control ▶ ️ # shower systems ▶ ️The # KERDI-LINE drain ▶ ️ Practical demonstration

Practical training

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