If you want to attend and train as a professional installer of the Schluter®-Systems you just have to call us (WWW.ICASAUSA.COM) Innovation Workshop Part 1

This is a 2-day hands-on workshop Our Innovation Workshop Part 1 is your first step in getting to know the world at Schluter®-Systems. First, you’ll learn about the fundamentals: waterproofing and uncoupling—the 2 main principles we are built upon.

Next, we’ll introduce you to our main product lines: DITRA uncoupling membrane DITRA-HEAT electric floor warming KERDI-BOARD building panels Schluter® Shower System Schluter® Profiles Then, we put you to work in the demo-area where you will install our products first-hand.

Collaborating with your peers, you’ll install assemblies such as the Schuter® Shower System, DITRA membrane, and even try your hand at building a waterproof KERDI-BOARD wall installation. Overview of what is covered in Part 1

This class will provide attendees with the fundamentals at Schluter Systems. Approximately 75% of the time is spent in the classroom, and 25% of the time is spent in the hands-on or live demo area.

Classroom Presentations: Floor Applications Uncoupling Principle DITRA (& DITRA-XL) DITRA-HEAT Floor Profiles & Movement Joints Shower Applications Moisture Management Showers Systems KERDI-BOARD KERDI-LINE Drain Shower & Wall Profiles Schluter Resources Live demos & Hands-on Activities Build KERDI-BOARD bench Install shower tray & curb Install DITRA Install tile & profiles DITRA-HEAT cable test Waterproofing with KERDI & KERDI-Band KERDI Drain Installation Waterproof shower tray & curb Drain grate installation Install tile around drain