SikaTile®-400 LHT Pro Set



SikaTile®-400 LHT Pro Set is a professional grade, single-component, non-shrinking, polymer-modified mortar for interior and exterior setting of large and heavy tile and natural stone. It may be applied from at 3/32″ to 3/4″ (2.4 mm to 19 mm) thickness to provide better support under large and heavy tiles and stone and can be used for both interior and exterior installations of tile in most residential and commercial floor and wall applications. SikaTile®-400 LHT Pro Set, features innovative Dustless Technology producing approximately 80% less dust than ordinary thin sets and is designed to promote cleaner working conditions and reduce mess. It uses less water and is creamier and easy to spread.

  • For use with large and heavy tile and natural stone
  •  Non-slumping/Non-shrinking formula eliminates tile lippage
  •  May be applied up to 3/4″ (19 mm) thick on horizontal applications