Novoescocia XS Antibacterial


Mini scotia with the exclusive Technology for the Control of Microbial Deterioration, whose design makes the cleaning of difficult areas such as edges and tiled corners easier.

With a reduced face side, Novoescocia® XS integrates seamlessly in all kind of skirtings and tiled corners. Its technology offers an active and long lasting protection against more than 30 bacteria (including Salmonella and Escherichia Coli).

This profile makes easier the cleaning and disinfection in bathrooms and kitchens and as well in hospitals, restaurants, schools, sports facilities, etc.

Novoescocia® XS has complementary pieces available: exterior and interior angles. For external vertical corners, you can complete the installation with Novolistel® 3 Antibacterial, which has the same coating with properties of control of microbial deterioration than Novoescocia® XS.

Available in a range of antibacterial colors.