AC Vent Covers – Standard Sizes – White


General information:
Meet the new high-performance vents that are designed to last and have a modern, avant-garde and elegant style that will dress your property and make it look high class.
Our products are 100% aluminum and are sized to fit any range of A / C units.
Our grilles are corrosion-proof and finished with electrostatic paint. Additionally, these ventilation covers have directional systems with a 3-way airflow option.
Give your air system a modern look with these versatile diffusers and covers, they are also easy to clean and make it easy to keep your space looking great.
Our grilles feature an innovative internal mounting system that will make the mooring screws invisible, as well as effectively manage the A / C flow distribution with an effective speed of 9.8,Our vents adapt easily to efficient HVAC systems.
Experience the difference that our air conditioning ventilation covers make by dressing your home with our products.