DU-200 EVO tile saw


  1. Built-in foldable legs. Very easy to set up.
  2. With wheels and handle for a more comfortable transport and handling.
  3. External water tank, easy to handle and clean.
  4. C³ System, improves blade’s cleaning and cooling for a higher performance.

• Motor assembly mounted on sliding bearings and foldable for miter cuts.
• With lateral stop for repetitive cuts and adjustable square from 0 to 45°.
• Direct drive motor with thermal protector and reinforced chassis.
• Corrugated tube to protect power cable and water pipe.
• Equipped with C³ SYSTEM. The most effective cooling and cleaning system for blades. Front blade cooling diffuser with 5 positions depending on the hardness or the abrasion of the material.
• Bi-material handle, better ergonomics.
•With CEV-SUPERPRO diamond blade 08” (200 mm).

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