DS-250-N Laser&Level tile saws


  1. Motor assembly mounted on sliding bearings for maximum precision and reliability. Perfect finishes.
  2. Equipped with ZERO DUST system. Tested and certified by TNO (Organization for Applied Scientific Research).
  3. Wheels and handle included. Easy transport.
  4. Aluminum structure. Lighter cutter with maximum resistance to working conditions.

• Removable aluminum tables for easy cleaning of the machine.
• With thermic security switch.
• Water pump refrigeration of blade with flow control valve.
• With a double set of flanges, one especially designed for miter cuts.
• Motor assembly mounted on sliding bearings for maximum
accuracy miter cuts.
• Safety protector for segmented blades.
• With lateral stop for repetitive cuts.
• Retractable legs with “shield” function and wheels for easy
• Removable water tank system.
• 2mW (milliwatt) line laser for precise cut.
• Spirit level for easy field installation.
• Blade Included.
• Machine supplied with cable.
• Supplied with new ZERO DUST system already assembled. Also
provided with a second anti-splash standard protector

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