DCX-250 Xpert Electric Cutters


  1. Reinforced aluminum chassis with innovative triple beam system and steel sides. Improves the stability and rigidity of the chassis.
  2. Reinforced cutting guide for a better cut finish.
  3. New adjustable cooling system. Increases cooling efficiency and reduces water dispersion.
  4. High performance plunge effect. Cutting height adjustment.

• Includes transport handle and off-road type reinforced wheels, which
provide better transportability and handling of the machine.
• Steel double settling system for improved efficiency and water recovery.
• Angular measurement with aluminum square adjustable from 0° to 60° for
repetitive cuts.
• Includes reinforced folding legs with folding-prevention system and quick
• External and easy to remove water tank with 8 gal. (30 L) capacity.
• Includes improved splash guard system with auto-sliding protective cover.
• Patented ZERO DUST system exclusive to RUBI certified by the TNO
(Organisation for Applied Scientific Research), for safe exposure thanks to
the reduction of the breathable dust particles generated during the cut.
• Ergonomic bi-material handle for comfortable operation of the cutting
• Earth integrated into the chassis.
• Machine supplied with cable

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